My first blog entry - December 11th 2019

Today I just discovered this Adobe Portfolio website creator. Like anything it will take time to develop. However I am very pleased at the intuitiveness of the site and controls. I love I can simply adjust my albums within LR and just a few clicks update all my galleries on my website. This is powerful! My images are and will always be the main subject and purpose of this website.

For expansion I will be adding services as I offer them. Currently I have had no paid services either offered or performed.  I am just learning for now. I don't have any desire currently of offering any type of wedding photography (except possibly helping a friend out from time to time if requested) but I can see eventually getting into small photo shoots. I have an idea I would like to possibly offer an intro to photography or learn your camera classes. If your interested in something like this please fill out my contact form above and let me know. I have taken a few 'intro' courses myself mostly to get a feel for setup and structure. So far I haven't been real impressed anywhere. I want it to be one-on-one or very small group and start off learning YOUR camera (setup, controls, lenses etc...) and then move into a pretty serious (but fun) hands-on homework assignments using YOUR equipment and hopefully I can even join you a few times out in the field possibly photographing a local park or event or something .... just a thought but let me know!

Well that is about all I have for today. If your reading this, thanks for stopping by. Please check in from time to time for updates.

Jonathan (PBL)

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