Welcome 2021!

Another year has come and gone and I'm not sure how I feel about that just yet. Oh I don't care about all that corona crap. I'm not worried or concerned about it at all honestly. It was part of our journey and that is fine. NO I am much more concerned with the blind passing of time. It seems now-a-days with tech out the bum in everything we have and do that things might be a little too 'convenient' or just too much done-for-you to suit my tastes!
There seems to be leaks in space-time consortium (or something like that LOL). More stuff is automated, so we have more time to do more stuff and make more money to buy more tech to make things 'better' for us so we can have more time and make more money .............AHHHH!
I hope that points directly at my POINT! The only true way (or at least a major contributor) it seems to slow down and enjoy life is to have less, do less, enjoy more what you DO have and love what you do. It (to me) is called "mind-fullness" and I am  going to work on this more and more in 2021. I will also try practicing "minimalism" 
Life seems to be on auto-pilot lately and I am coming in for a landing and paying attention (AND ENJOYING) my life EVERY SINGLE DAY! I may do a few less things and own a LOT less (I pray) towards the end of the year and I believe if I do these things LIFE will be amazing!!! 

WELL so this is it ... T minus about 4.5 hours and 2021 will ring. Hopefully I will be in bed before then lol but it will be January 1st when I get up in the morning. I want to hit the ground running when i get out of bed with this goal and new way of living. 

HAPPY - NEW - YEAR Everyone! from Fancy That Cake!

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