How is it going?  I know I said I was going to keep up with this page in my first post.  I am going to try but w/ no promises LOL.  I love photography (I really do), but life has a way to steal you away from stuff you want to do at times. This ((CORONA CRAP)) has really changed a lot it would seem.  My family has always been laid back and I've never really been a social animal so no change there but still change has occurred.  Some desirable and a lot not real desirable at all.
I won't go into much details here but fundamentally I plan on being a better person and a better photographer as well on the other side of it all.
SO, what got me on this site today editing it and adding this blog entry?  I got an email from a "fan" lol or at least a friend who has visited my site and was kind enough to drop a line letting me know about a spelling error and cared enough to message me because it could damage my credibility.  THANK-YOU friend :) for that and you got me back adding content now so THANKS!
I am afraid finding spelling and grammatical errors with me might turn into a full-time job LOL HA-HA!  But I will try me best and anyone can help me out time to time (if you like :).  Please don't hold them against me.
Anyway I appreciate actually knowing someone has visited my site and actually paid it attention.  Here is a nice little pic of my wife's lilies coming out this spring season for you enjoyment. Now back to editing images and figuring out how to add them to this site.
Have a blessed day! GOD Bless you.

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