Say hello to "The Bandit!"

Welcome to 2022!

Wait ,,,, WHAT! WOW ! I don't know if it is just me or what but... It rarely ever is when you use those words together to form a sentence. TIME has gotten away from me. Mindfulness is the best answer and what I am currently studying and trying to enjoy here and now. 
It's not even worth trying to figure out what happened last week or last month or last year especially. It is either natural for time to speed up as you age or time is truly speeding up. With practicing mindfulness, awareness seems to improve the more I practice it. I know you only have 24 hours each day and I know even the President of the United States or the President of a billion dollar corporation does not get even one extra second that little ol' me gets! 
Mindfulness helps you enjoy every second without just flying right through them all in a day's time while remembering very little about it. 


Say hello to "The Bandit" or "Bandido" or "Mr. Bandit"! He rally goes by many names and rarely responds to any of them LOL! I didn't capture it here in this image but he has the thickest fluffiest tail you ever have seen on a cat. He has the personality of a ragamuffin but very shy. He is getting better each day with enjoying our company but will not hesitate to leave the entire area and hide whenever anybody else comes around. When they leave he will come back into site right away lol. 


Well I know this is a photography website but I am sorry to say I am not much of a photographer. I want to be but thus far I have not made a single red penny from taking photographs. I have spent plenty of them on it but still what I like to call learning in progress. I believe myself to be creative enough and have an interest. I'm not very determined to stick to much I guess. I will press forward in 2022 and can only hope to add content and practice skills. Thanks if your here! Jonathan

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